Aviv Hall

Aviv Hall

The hall is located at the lobby level of the hotel and offers full privacy and business comfort. The retro design and the sense of home that characterizes the hotel complements the atmosphere, creating a unique setting for business gatherings, management meetings, a toast or presentations.

The Royal Table has room for up to 18 participants. The hall is equipped with an LCD screen, technological aids, audiovisual and audio system. You can also order anything ranging from light snacks, hot and cold drinks to a full menu prepared by the hotel’s chef.

If you want to add an interesting and enjoyable experience to the event or meeting you are holding, you can also combine spending some time in the library bar, which is located at the hotel lobby and includes various seating areas, where you can also enjoy background music with the best hits of the period.

If you are planning for intimate family events, with the comfort of a hotel and a unique home atmosphere – You will undoubtedly find here the exact place and setting that you are looking for.

Dear guests, Due to the war, the hotel’s swimming pool is closed. You are welcome to enjoy the rest of the hotel facilities.
Wishing for better days to come soon

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