Achziv – The National Park

Achziv – The National Park

In a Nut Shell

Achziv National Park is one of the most beautiful coastal stripes in Israel; Kurkar ridges and rare plants that grow between them, bays and cavernous tunnels formed by the sea waves, natural and quiet lagoons formed along the coast, and turtle laying sites. Moreover, if all this is not enough, then you can also walk among the remnants of the biblical city Achziv, and enjoy the sea breeze and the sounds of seagulls.

What can you do here?

  • Safe bathing for children in the quiet lagoons of the rock strips.
  • Walking through the ruins of an ancient fishing village.
  • Diving in sub-marine nature reserves, between caves and canyons and remains of sunken boats.
  • Enjoy one of the most pleasant picnic areas.

Distance from CASA Hotel – About 10 minutes drive.

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